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About the


We’ve got full-length albums, music videos, and play concerts big and small. That’s probably what you expected to hear.

So here’s a list of stuff you didn’t expect to hear…

The easiest way to tell the difference between a beaver and a muskrat is the tail. Beavers have large flat tails, while muskrat tails are long and skinny

The three of us have been playing music together since we were adorable little kiddos. We are less adorable now, but significantly noisier.

The most popular flavor of pie in the US is apple. The most popular flavor of pie in Canada might be maple pecan, but we don’t actually know that.

The majority of your brain is fat. The majority of your fat is not brain.

All three of us could most likely land an airplane. Two of us are professional pilots. One doesn’t like that we used the words “most likely``

We almost named this band Aunt Betty’s Bakery Band, but decided instead on Swift Olliver, because it’s bewildering and mysterious and open-ended, so we can play anything we want.

Good music is good, if you think it is good. However bad music is also good, if you don’t think it’s bad.

Moose don’t actually have knuckles, but some humans have moose knuckles.

Anywho, we hope you enjoy our eclectic slice of musical pie, home baked and hopefully tasteful to the ears. Feel free to poke around, follow us on social media, sign up for email updates, or send us funny memes via our snazzy contact form. This website is your oyster, whatever that means.

Welcome to the community, and have fun!

Get To Know Us

Swift Olliver - Band image

Kayle Luft

Lead Vocals, Drums, Keys

Evan Luft

Guitar & Vocals

Evan Luft

Guitar & Vocals

Bryden Clarke